THE gaean trilogy

2006 by John Varley; all rights reserved



The three books of my "Gaean Trilogy" are now back in print and available for the first time in some years. I'd like to tell you something about them. These books have all "earned out." That means they have recovered the advances I was paid to write them, and for some years thereafter I received royalty checks for every copy that was sold. Then they went out of print and that didn't happen anymore.

But now, every time someone buys one with a cover price of $7.99, about 96 goes into my pocket.

(I was going to say goes DIRECTLY into my pocket, but that's not quite true. Publishers pay royalties twice a year, and only after an edition has been out for a full reporting period. So February to May 31, 2006 doesn't count; they will only write a check after December 31 ... which means, usually, in March or April or even May of 2007. There is no reason they couldn't write the check on January 2, 2007, except that it is "industry practice" [translation: outright thievery] to hold onto the money as long as they can without risking a lawsuit, the better to squeeze every penny, farthing, groat, shilling, and centime of interest they can out of it. Not fair ... and nothing I can do about it.)

Anyway, enough whining. Now comes the plea. Here it is:





Are your copies tattered and torn? Falling apart from the cheap glue they used in the binding? Are the pages an unsightly yellow? Did your dog have an unfortunate accident involving them? Have they been attacked by mold or mildew, moths, termites, field mice, bobcats, or giraffes? (It could happen.) Surely by now they are almost illegible, covered with eyetracks from multiple re-readings. Wouldn't you like some crisp, new copies, smelling of printers ink?

Now's your chance. You can buy them all now at a price that is only a small multiple of the price you originally paid. (Hey, inflation's a bitch.) And if you absolutely do NOT want new copies, recommend them to your friends. Exhort them, importune them, wheedle them, pester them, spam them if you must.

And re-reading them will give you something to do while you wait for your copy of RED LIGHTNING, which should be arriving any day now.